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Social Augmented Reality Wiki

December 13, 2010 Leave a comment
Jared Bendis asked “What {do] you ‘feel’ the game changing technologies [will be] that affect students from a teaching and learning perspective? … just your gut on what you think is the next killer item or concept for them?”
If context, culture, and maps of learning experiences were to become explicit, it would change the game of education:
Laying out as much as possible for students to see the past, present, and future possibilities.
  • Technologies that support accumulation and sharing of collective memory.
  • Technologies that facilitate exposure to previous work in the discipline, and its relatives.
  • Technologies that support clear access to learning “what you need to get up to speed”
  • Systematic access to communities of practice: real life meaningful work, in sites occupied by people prepared to involve students, showing them paths toward the pro levels of the practice
Social augmented reality wiki, user selectable by course, by discipline, by people etc
For example: I go to a community-based research site (IRL or online). I dial up my Social Augmented Reality Wiki. I see that the previous seven students who did projects at that site posted comments, maps, videos, locations, tips, and their presentations. I see their pictures, and hear and read what they and the community partners and the professor and the community-based research liaison staff person all had to say about it. They tour me around and introduce me to people and places that were important to their project.
What’s game-changing: the learning is not about repeating the same work the previous students did. It’s about building on it. Growing from the accomplishments and learning from the mistakes and successes of those who came before.
There is no replacement for the process of learning about a project site nor for developing relationships with the relevant people. But to make this process a repetitive drain on the resource people (“Just like I already told the last seven students…”) isn’t a good use of time. When I unplug my Social Augmented Reality Wiki, I can now ask the people I’m working with, “OK, what are we going to build on from here?”
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