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Five minutes to focus

October 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Now and then I want to get some professional writing or editing done, starting right away. But it can be hard to focus, especially if there is little in the way of discovery, exploration, or fun in the task. Some practical writing doesn’t have the same appeal as researching or trying to sort out a specific question.

Howe Sound from Copper Cove photo Morgan Reid

Editing for format, for example. Yawn/ack. What else could I do instead? Of course, once I’m on it, it gets interesting and satisfying, but getting around to it can be a very creative dance with the millions of more appealing things to do. So, how to focus, and start a boring task? “Five minutes to focus,” that’s how. I’ll write more about this over time, but for now, my point is this: taking five minutes to meditate is effective and refreshing. And I do mean “meditate.” Just let everything slide past on the river of time. Works almost every time.

If you want to try it, or you do it yourself, let us know what works for you.

Here’s a good article from Psyblog about attention.

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